Monday, April 25, 2011

Chenille Stems or Pipe Cleaner Dinosaurs

We live in Arizona so we have HOT day crafts but this would be a great craft for any rainy day or any day stuck indoors.  It’s even calm and quiet enough to amuse little ones with the sniffles.  Here is a picture of one of the dinosaurs we made.  {my son of course, is the briliant artist}

Here are some pictures of other one that I found on the world wide web. 

All it takes is some chenille stems {pipe cleaners} and some imagination.  Every kid I know is abundant in imagination.  I keep some of these fuzzy wonders stashed away with other such creative pleasures in my “sanity box” for days when my patience is thin or the kids are just feeling all around antsy and need a distraction.

Twist and bend and mix and match colors… it’s a great way to create your very own pterosaur or a super long neck brachiosaur.

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